DIY FMC – how to do…


The FMC has been installed at its place.

The FMC itself consists of front panel, buttons, circuit board, psone screen holder, psone display and the related control board. You can see on the picture how it is assembled.
It is backlit with the usual 12V LED stripes put behind the front panel. It is very bright at the moment so i will control the brightness of the backlight with a LED dimmer from hongkong i pulled from ebay for 1€ per piece and 3 euro shipment fee. Read more under the related page…

One thought on “DIY FMC – how to do…

  1. Stephane K.A.Comneno

    Dear Andreas,
    wonderfull overall job. I hope to get one day to the same levels of expertise. I draw myself, also on sprint layout, the pcb of my Open Cockpit A320 MCDU. A fellow simmer asked me to modify it for hispapanel 737 fmc, but i have no time. Would you share your pcb with him? And if you ever need my design, just ask.


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