just some Pictures of the current Status and some Facts:

P3D V3, Prosim 737, Opencockpits SIOC,
Aivlasoft Flight Bag, Navigraph Charts

– Original Yokes from 737-300 (Netherlands)
– Original Throttle from Southwest 737-300 (USA)
– Linked Rudderpedals Aluminum for PIC and FO
– Overhead, Center Pedestal….
– 3 WXGA Projectors / 180 Deg. FOV
– 3 Computers (LAN Network)
– Wooden Garden Chair as Seat for Pilot ; (


Gear Lever finished !!! (and FMC PCB files added to Download Section)

Hello All,

because of the Installation of the Yoke System and the Pedals under the floor i was forced to take apart the complete Simulator. So i used the Chance to make a new MIP structure out of MDF material which is more stable that the original pressed Wood Chip structure. Of course when you do a new MIP holder you use the Chance to implement a lot of improvements. (New Monitor Holders, New wiring and )

YES – a new DIY Gear Lever with full functionality. You can find all detailed informations on the Page dedicated to the Gear Lever. Have a look here -> Gear Lever Page


Yokes are finished and working

Update from May 2016

The Yokes finally have been finished and the mechanic works. Here is a Short Youtube Video explaining the whole story. Next step (while the HC is torn apart) is the preparation of the pedal system and its installation. And while now the HC is in its pieces – there are a lot of opportunities to change, improve or add things to the Sim.