Pedals under Construction !

Hello All,

the pedals are finished and have found their resting place in the Cockpit.
More Details on the related page:
-> Pedal Section




One thought on “Pedals under Construction !

  1. marc sangwell

    i also have a cnc router but have a lot of problems trying to cut out i down loaded the over head file fro cockpits and it doesnt seem to cut what i want there are pinks light blur red ect it seems to make a mess and cuting out blue lines only and i tried to mill the lettering and that was a disater with the perspex didnt cut letters but the blue outline again im not sure what im doing wrong but i have spent a lot of money on this project think it would be easy to make a flight sim well i was wrong its taken me about 5 weeks just to set up the tabe i made 1200x 1600 x300 i used a mach 3 twst program seems to work ok but just cant get to cut out my mip panels like you do talk soon regards marc australia


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