Autocad Files for Download

All files are ZIP Format – WordPress does not allow to upload *.DWG Files

1. Main DWG (Credits to Unknown Person on – i got this file from there and it is the Basis for my Sim) -> Main_File

2. FMC (AutoCAD 2004 Format, several Layers, without the PCB) -> FMC

3. FMC PCB (2 files in ZIP: 1st is the original Sprint Layout file which is used for the PCB design. Please check here for more Information. I really can suggest the Software ! They also have a file Reader for free. 2nd file is the PDF Version of the Sprint Layout file) Just make sure you print it in the right size if you want to use for the etching methos. -> FMC-PCB

4. Visual System Layout (based on my room dio-> Visual_System_Layout

5. Gear Lever -> Gear Lever DWG

More to come….


6 thoughts on “Autocad Files for Download

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  2. marc sangwell

    do you know where i can find mip 737 and over head files ready to cut and and etch the details cheers andy regards marc

  3. Can Dogancan

    Thank you for the file and also for your suggestion of Sprint Layout. It is a great software. First time I feel comfortable designing a pcb. I also purchased the S-Plan and it is the same.


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