Hooray – 225 Degree Wrap around is working !!!!

During the last weeks i worked on the new visualization system. You can get the details on the related Page. Well – what can i say. The time and money was worth it and my first impressions are very good.

Warped Wrap-Around 200 Degree FOV

Warped Wrap-Around 200 Degree FOV

2 thoughts on “Hooray – 225 Degree Wrap around is working !!!!

  1. Daniel Bützberger

    My name is Daniel I am from Switzerland and I am also building a homecockpit. I just finished my visual 180 degrees. But I have some trouble once the wrapping is on the mouse is not working anymore inside the flight simulator. Another problem is that I can not access the menu bar (quite important if you want to make changes like airport or so). Even if I toggle to the unwrapped mode – I see the menu bar but I cannot select anything…… any hints?

    Kind Regards


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